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Solar thermodynamic panel - Hot water + swimming-pools heating + heating + cooling

The thermodynamic solar panel acts as an evaporator in the compression cycle of the heat pump. Inside, circulates a refrigerant fluid at low temperature (which may be below 0 ºC), which collects solar radiation as well as the ambient heat energy. The condenser acts as a heat exchanger and is in contact with the water for the heating.


A new concept in compact solar systems

Thermboil is an innovative water heater based on the heat pump system utilising solar radiation, capable of collecting solar and environmental energy to heat water efficiently with very low power consumption compared to conventional systems, achieving yields of up to 20% higher than solar thermal systems in the market. Thermboil is a highly efficient system capable of working during the day and night, 365 days a year.

Brief description:

The Thermboil is a heat pump system which uses as evaporator an external thermodynamic panel and an internal heat exchanger. It absorbs solar as well as ambient heat energy delivering a better performance.
The collected energy is transferred to water through a heat exchanger/condenser. It uses an ecological refrigerant R134A. The refrigerant circulation pipes are not in direct contact with the water to prevent water contamination in case of leakage. Thermboil system has a COP of 2.5 to 5.5. Available in 200, 300 and 500 liters.


The FX series offers a compact solar thermal system combined with a thermodynamic support.
Customer choice of the thermal panel.

Easy installation:

No need for refrigeration specialist for installation by having only water connections. The installation may be done by a plumber.
Double use of solar energy: Solar energy is used directly by solar coil, and indirectly to evaporate the refrigerant heat pump, increasing the thermal sensor performance.
For each kWh of energy intake, the Thermboil FX can generate up to 12 kWh, due to double intake of solar and thermodynamic energy. The Thermboil, with thermodynamics technology, generates 3.5 kWh per kW of electricity consumed. This is equivalent to an energy efficiency of 350%, with added solar energy intake this can increase.
In comparison, conventional electric water heater yield is around 98%.
Any high efficiency boiler can only achieve 95% performance, which uses more energy than it provides.


The thermodynamic solar panel system’s double collection ensures a high COP in a wide range of climatic conditions, being especially suitable for areas where despite the existence of sufficient solar radiation levels, temperatures are low (cold weather but sunny).
This panel has a double-collection system which combines thermodynamic panel along with a thermal collector (flat or vacuum tubes), so that the first captures solar and environmental energy on both sides, while the second captures and accumulates solar radiation, presenting minimal heat loss, ensuring that the evaporation of the refrigerant is complete even though the temperatures are low.




Brief description:


Composed of high efficiency compressor unit, thermostatic expansion valve, heat exchanger, high-performance ecological refrigerant R407c and electronic controller.

  • Total solution for space heating/cooling.
  • Automatic defrost function.
  • Protection systems against high/low pressure operation, against freezing, overheating and high discharge temperatures.
  • Flow switch to protect against changes or stopping the water-circulation.
  • Including forced draft unit for increased performace against low temperatures.
  • Direct or indirect evaporation!
  • Direct evaporation description:
    Evaporation takes place in thermodynamic aluminium panels with maximum radiation absorption.
  • Indirect evaporation characteristics:
  • Evaporation takes place indirectly, through an exchanger in contact with the solar cycle system. This helps to reach a stable evaporation temperature which increases system performance.
  • Solar collection can be through most flat collectors or approved vacuum tube on offer in the market.

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